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Who We Are

Established since 2007, tunjak solutions has been providing software solutions that are engineered and tailored to enhance our clients' goals and objectives.

Our structured and yet highly flexible approach to providing software solutions as well as our expertise and wealth of experience has endeared us to so many of our clients - from a wide spectrum of industries - empowering us to deliver their vision to them at a high standard, on time, and at a reasonable cost.

We also provide individual, corporate and company training solutions that is tailored to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Our consultants bring experiences that extends beyond the theoretical sphere, backed by years of practical industry and commercial experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients - whether they be businesses, non-profit organisations or individuals - to implement relevant and functional software solutions to achieve their goals.

Creativity is at the heart of all we do. And this translates to highly innovative and intelligent solutions tailor-made for our clients, enabling them to stay at the forefront of their industry.

The ability to adapt quickly to changing trends and requirements is key to any business' survival and indeed, its relevance in the market place. This need for flexibility calls for solutions that are both dynamic, agile and apt.

At tunjak solutions we understand these concepts perfectly and we work closely with our clients to build systems that are intelligent enough to adapt swiftly and effortlessly to changing trends and conditions.

Our promise is simple: We will do what we say we will do and nothing less, to the highest standard, within budget, delivered on time, every time!

We aim to achieve this by working with and involving our clients in all stages of development and deployment.

We never just do design for design's sake, we will get to know you, your business and your market to gain insight into your customers, your competition and most importantly, your goals. From there we develop unified strategies encompassing all aspects of design, multichannel marketing, analytics and more.

Our Promise